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  • Had such fun staying over at Lielas melindabam this weekend!
  • Its a cold misty morning in Cape Town and I
  • Thanks dad for everything you have given and done with
  • Swipte to watch video   This incredible piece was
  • I used to be a musical theatre actress singer and
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The time I was pregnant with Xerésh - Melissa Swart
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The time I was pregnant with Xerésh

We only found out I was pregnant with her very late in the first trimester, because we weren’t really planning on kids just yet. I was still on the pill, taking it religiously, but it was her time and so it happened. i always saw myself as little bit more of a boy mom, but from the moment I found out I was pregnant I knew it was a girl. Honestly I didn’t enjoy being pregnant very much, but I knew I wanted to capture the season, because growing life is something to be celebrated. I also wanted to capture different sides of me in this journey. Down to earth, a woman growing life and the diva…