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MY TRIBE - Melissa Swart
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My Tribe

The most important thing in our house is love. We love, we laugh, we love, we fight, we love, we forgive, we love, we cry, but most of all we LOVE! We’ve accepted each other’s and our own faults and we don’t scold one another for making honest mistakes. We have a lot of grace and we celebrate each other’s individuality. Who we are is who we seem to be, transparent and honest. We might be just a little crazy too, but how boring would life be if we weren’t?


Humorous, sensitive, intelligent, compassionate, driven, a total romantic, super sexy, an engineer, wise and the one who holds my heart…those words don’t even come close to describing the man I married! He is my teammate and a father who actually parents (verb).  He helps with bath time (actually a lot of nights he does that on his own, while I sort a few other things), he makes dinners, he reads stories, he plays with the kids until they pass out, he builds things, fixes things, services our cars, maintains our vegetable garden, encourages me and loves us completely…all this while working full time. He drives me insane sometimes, but he is my hero and the love of my life and I wouldn’t change a single thing! Babe, your love has changed me forever.



I am passionate, rational, unfiltered, strict, artistic, a teacher, opinionated, funny (though I don’t try to be), honest, accepting, sceptic and a fighter. I love my tribe fiercely and I will defend my beliefs, but I won’t judge you for yours. i have been through more than some people, at the end of their life, have been through and I consider myself a strong woman. I will always speak my mind and share my story, because when it comes to the darkness of life silence is surrender. I raise fervid, passionate little humans, who will always know their value is great. I hope in sharing my heart I will empower woman to know their worth and believe their calling. I am sorry if I ever offend, it is never my intention, but having strong opinions sometimes makes one unpopular and I am okay with that.



She is my sidekick, she is beautiful, hysterical, independent, strong willed (Lord help me), passionate, wild, joyful, caring and she is my first born. The love I have for her is immaculate and she is the reason why I understand unconditional love. There have been moments where I lose all patience with her and I just want to scream at a wall until I have no scream left, but those moments pass and I look in her eyes and I’m reminded of all that is good. I am sometimes overwhelmed at the weight of my love for her and the greatness I know she carries within her. She is my little singing, energizer bunny and I’ve got mad love for her! Pesh, you show me how to love with abandon.



He is ridiculously adorable, handsome, sensitive, chatty, peaceful, happy, a little boy with a gentle soul and he is my youngest. He has a soft place in my heart, because he has been through a lot in his young life, but through it all he has kept on smiling and laughing. He is a constant reminder of God’s grace and my capacity to love. There is nothing more inspiring than watching him look at the world, because he experiences every moment with so much wonder. My heart is filled with love for this little man and i am grateful for the front row seat I have at witnessing his beautiful life unfold. Xavi, I am in awe of your strength.


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