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why do we take communion? - Melissa Swart
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why do we take communion?

We are physical beings and physical beings need physical things to help us comprehend spiritual truths.

That is why throughout the bible God told His people to build memorials, altars, symbols and start practices. These all carry weight in the spiritual realm and they are essential to the process of learning and new revelation.

Jesus was a magnificent teacher and He continues this method of teaching by talking about practices and using stories. He perfected a way of teaching that built a bridge from what His followers knew to what he wants them to know. He used simple examples to take them (and us) to higher understanding sand knowledge.

Why do we need practices and memorials? Because it is human nature to forget. These customs causes us to pause and reflect on something that is beyond us, to strengthen our faith and connect us to our spiritual walk.

The Hebrew word  for remembrance is Zakar and it means to remember, to recall

to meditate on something, to pay attention to something, to commemorate something, PROCLAIM something.

It is also a time to connect to the body of Christ

So, what is the symbolism of communion?

Bread: Jesus’ body, that was broken for us.

Wine: Jesus’ blood that was shed

It is so beautiful how God used these physical things to make us understand the physical pain Jesus went through. Once again He gave us physical beings something physical to relate to. He knew we would easier relate to physical pain rather than the spiritual pain Jesus endured, but there is more this.

It is something that encourages self examination, to ensure we are in right spiritual standing with the father.

It is also a time to connect to the body of Christ,  of which he is the head. A time of togetherness and in this unity we exalt Jesus.

It is a time to reflect on what He did on the cross and what a heavy price He paid for us to have abundant Grace and it is there to renew our faith. To reminds us of our value and how He loves us.

May this Easter time be blessed for you and your family.

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