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a letter to you, friend - Melissa Swart
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a letter to you, friend

You have changed me, friend. With your love, support, accountability, strength, wisdom and your stories.

I walked into the friendship with much skepticism, but you peeled away the layers and loved everyone of them.

Today I honour you (giggles), no seriously, I do. You have kept me sane and laughed with me (and at me) and kept me grounded. You challenge me and encourage me to grow and become more than I am. I am not fearful when I share things with you because I know they are safe with you. Our time together is sacred to me and there is never a dull moment.

You kept me accountable, shared your revelations and it lifted me up.

You have deep ears that create space to carry the weight of all I have to say with so much patience. You are flipping hysterical and I love our inside jokes.

Thank you for walking this road with me, the past 40days. You kept me accountable, shared your revelations and it lifted me up. Every morning, before the birds sang, your name appeared on my phone with a “lekker bid, tjommie” or an inspirational message.


Thanks, my tjommie, for all your love and belief in me. Thank you for always seeing me for who I can be and not just who I am.


lots of love


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