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stay or get going? - Melissa Swart
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stay or get going?

We have so much more power than we realize to shape our lives.

We become so comfortable in our everyday routine that radical new ideas are the last thing we look for.


While we should face change head on there definitely needs to be constants in our lives and the two main ones should be; our created purpose and relationship with the Father. But even with these constants we can still create radical new ideas in our lives. However, for that to happen we need to leave the known and embrace the unknown.

To grow we need to depart from the known mindset and keep ‘becoming’.

Fear is the biggest reason for stagnating and complacency. We forget that everything happens within a season. When we give any one thing or any one season an absolute value we miss out on the different things, with new meaning and greater value that could be waiting for us.

When fear doesn’t drive us its often a sense of loyalty. This one is hard, because it is filled with so many emotions and often beautiful memories, but when we overstay our welcome in a moment, in life, we steal from ourselves the opportunity to grow. When we overstay we might not be moving forward anymore. When we overstay we eat into a glorious new season. When we overstay we miss new revelations.

Yes, somethings can only happen when you stay, but more so, some things can only happen when you leave and you can’t look at either as the ultimate.

Fear is the biggest reason for stagnating and complacency.

Side note: Now that we’ve looked at the importance of ‘leaving’ it is worth mentioning that we often don’t stay long enough. When things become hard we like to make a run for it and we dishonour the gift of expanding ourselves.

It’s not always easy to know in what situation you find yourself, but it is important to evaluate. The decision you make might not be the easiest one, but it should always be the one that fills you with abundant life, excitement and even if it’s somewhat scary, your spirit knows this is where you should be heading.

When talking about staying and going I love the story of Moses. When he was in Egypt he was arrogant, until his anger and arrogance caused him to take a life. After that moment he left, but thats not the moment that I want to use as an example. when he left, he ran away and that should never be how we make these decisions. God met Moses and told him to GO. Moses was scared but this was his created purpose and the more time he spent with the Father in that moment the more it became clear to him. It was a daunting move, but he knew that it was time to GO and leave the comfort of his present. When he went and was obedient to his divinely orchestrated purpose it changed EVERYTHING for the Israelites and it set things in motion for them to GO. your obedience can set of a whole chain of events that encourage others to make the tough call of going.


So, the easiest way to look at it is like this;

Own the space that you’re in or change it. If where you are is where you should be that is wonderful, but if you have a restlessness either change the situation or leave (but never run away).


I pray that the place and season you are in or are meant to be in becomes clearer with every waking moment you spend in the presence of the Savior.

Nuff said!

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