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Last minute mom - Melissa Swart
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Last minute mom

This blog is not a very long one, since there isn’t really much to say…

We did our first episode on suicide hour, because I wanted to encourage parents not to give up trying to handle that crazy time a little better, each day. I wanted to laugh with other parents about our hysterical stories and the absurdity that takes place in those few hours. But above all I wanted people to know they’re not alone.
We spend our entire day looking at social media feeds that exudes perfection and those are the images imprinted in our minds, so when we get home and things start going south we are made painfully aware of our imperfection and I wanted parents to know that it is OKAY!

I told tons of stories about some of the most crazy and entertaining times we’ve had, in our house and I spoke about the comical side of things. When I finally watched the footage I was shocked at how many times I made ‘dark-jokes’. Jokes that were funny in the moment, but jokes that were always connected to death…..I know this sounds hectic, but bare with me.
I kept saying things like “we wanted to kill each other”, “the kids were screaming blue murder”, “I felt like I was going to die”. Wow! All this was pouring out of my mouth and I only realized it, because I had the opportunity to listen to myself.

A while back I even forgot that Xeresh had a ballet class we had to sit in...

I am not proud to say that I have, on more than one occasion, been the ‘last minute mom’, I know I can do better, I know it, I just sometimes fail.
Now lets be honest, this is not a new problem for me. Procrastination used to be my middle name, thank goodness it isn’t anymore. I have put in place a few ‘systems’ (it sounds so professional) to help me manage things, but this is a relatively new thing for me, so there are still days when I let a few things fall through the cracks. A while back I even forgot that Xeresh had a ballet class we had to sit in, so I swung the car around and ran as fast as I could to see it. Luckily I made it in time, but I cant help wondering how she would’ve felt if her mommy was the only one who didn’t come.

I really don’t want to be the ‘last minute mom’, specially if it affects my kids. I don’t want to let them down… or let myself down, for that matter. I want to do right by them, be the best version of myself and above all get rid of the stress of never knowing what I might miss.

Taking control of your situation and everything you need to do is the first step to making life work for you.

At the beginning of each month I sit down and plan the month. All the big dates get saved and set up. Then I take the Sunday evening, of every week, to sit down and plan for the coming week. Make it something fun. Get nice stationary and make the list something you look forward to doing. The list then goes up on the fridge for all to see. That way no-one misses a beat. I made a stop at Typo to get a pretty calendar and a diary. I make sure everything is synced with one another, my phone, diary and my calendar that goes up on the fridge.

Don’t allow the task of organizing your life a daunting thing. It will only be as big an issue as you allow it to become. Sit, take the time, make it fun and remember, you are doing it for them, for you and for less stress.

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