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whats in a name - Melissa Swart
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whats in a name

So, our kids don’t have very common names. In fact ‘Xeresh’ doesn’t technically exist anymore…its an antique Persian name, with a slight twist in the spelling.
‘Xavier’ has become slightly more common, though.

We spent so long choosing names, because we wanted to make sure the names we give wil speak life over our kids…plus they had to be cool.
Proverbs 18:21 is a scripture we lived by. “What you speak can preserve life or destroy it; so you must accept the consequences of your words”.
In our home we try our very best to always talk positively and to speak life. We’re not always successful, but it is our primary focus, when we speak, to always see the good and celebrate it.

when it came to choosing names the principle remained the same. If we are going to spend a lifetime speaking a name over our children, that name had to speak life.

when it came to choosing names the principle remained the same. If we are going to spend a lifetime speaking a name over our children, that name had to speak life.
So we prayed about the future we want for our kids and the gifts we would want for them and that was the deciding factor when it came to making the final decision.

I live with Bipolar 1 disorder and this played a big role when we spoke about Xeresh’s name. I wanted to call her something that would affirm, on a daily basis, that she would always be filled with joy. A name that would radiate a Holy unwavering joy, that brings forth life in every situation she finds herself in. i also wanted a name that was strong and unique. I heard the name ‘Zeresh’ in the Bible, it was such a striking name and I fell in love with it. When I went to research the name I soon found that it didn’t have such a good meaning, because the woman in the Bible that carried it did some very bad things and from then on the name had a negative meaning. But someone had to have had the name before her, it had to have had a different meaning before she ruined it. So I began digging. I found that the origin of the name was “Zarsh” and that “Zeresh” was a variation of this name. This original name meant “the joyful one”/ “light”. When I found this I was so excited, because here was the name I liked meaning exactly what I wanted for my daughter. We have been speaking joy over our girl since the day she was born and she has been an enormous source of joy and smiles for everyone that knows her. Always laughing, always smiling and always seeing the beauty in life.

The men in our families have made many decisions that had far reaching effects and some of them have carried a lot of pain. We wanted our son to start fresh. We wanted him to learn his own lessons and grow in his character, regardless of the decisions that have been made by the men in our families. We wanted him free from any consequences or traditions that did not bring forth life. The meaning of “Xavier” is “a new house”. It is so special to me, because I know he wil grow up with us speaking a clean slate over him.

We underestimate the power of our words and what we speak over ourselves and our kids. I pray and trust God for the wisdom to teach our children to speak life and taste the sweet fruit of it.

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