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Superiority parents - Melissa Swart
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Superiority parents

Okay, this blog post is a bit of a rant, just a heads-up. I have met a lot of narcissistic, self indulgent, ‘I know I’m better than you’ people, but the last place I hoped to find them was in parenting circles. Little did I know parents are THE WORST!

Being a parent is hard. I mean its really hard, like REALLY REALLY hard. The last thing I need is a bunch of ‘superiority parents’ who think they have the right to condemn my, or anyone else’s, parenting style. I know that the range of parenting styles are vast and almost never ending and there are a ton that I don’t necessarily agree with or will ever practice, but you know what; not my monkeys not my circus.

Unless you’re being abusive or reckless, how you raise your kids is none of my business and you have no right to condemn other moms and dads for raising their kids different than yours. So take your self-righteous, judgemental ‘opinions’ and get to steppin’.

Being a parent is hard. I mean its really hard, like REALLY REALLY hard.

I beat myself up over every little thing I feel I could’ve done better, at the end of each day. I make decisions that I’ve thought through a million times, playing out every possible scenario. I evaluate and re-evaluate every choice. I try to foresee every outcome and scold myself if anything happens that I wasn’t prepared for. I, literally, spend hours reading up over whatever topic I am wrecking my brain over. I ask for advice from people I value and I pray….a lot.
So, dear, I really don’t need your snark remarks.

In this age of social media everyone feels entitled to their opinion, but NO ONE feels the need to allow other people their’s. We will differ, that I can guarantee, but for goodness sake, lets just give each other the right to be different.

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