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Mother's day - Melissa Swart
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Mother’s day

I can’t believe that it has been about 4years since I found out I was going to be a mommy. I’ve never experienced so many feelings at once. But the feeling that ruled them all was gratitude….that and being scared *less. I didn’t know how, on this green planet, I was going to keep a little human alive. The one thing that gave me immense comfort, at that point in time, was my husband. I knew he would nail the whole “fatherhood thing”. I on the other hand was not so sure about my roll as a mother.

I read up on every single topic I thought had even the remotest relevance to being a parent. I prayed and prayed and then prayed some more. I asked advice and gave myself a million pep talks…I always talk to myself but during this time I stepped up the ‘crazy’ just a tad.

I thought that the pep talks would eventually die down and I would settle into a nice groove as a mother. *laughs out loud* Well, I thought wrong. Since then I have given myself a million more pep talks, probably had about a thousand breakdowns (with uncontrollable ugly-crying), hundreds of mini-heart attacks, so many indescribably wonderful moments and an infinite amount of laughs.

I thought that the pep talks would eventually die down and I would settle into a nice groove as a mother. *laughs out loud* Well, I thought wrong.

Motherhood has changed me forever. This journey has been tough and beautiful, often times disastrous, but always worth it. These 2 little kiddos have coloured my life in an array of colour. They have made me discover parts of myself I didn’t know I had. They have shown me unconditional love. They have taught me how to rediscover the beauty in God’s creation, that I have forgotten about. They have changed my marriage and made it rich with new love and appreciation. They have turned my world upside down and I will never know how to say “thank you” enough.


This mothers day I want to celebrate the little ones that have given us the privilege of being called “mom”. I want to celebrate all the times they have taught us something new. I want to thank them for loving us, regardless of our flaws and I want to pray the blessings of God over every single step they take.

To the silent moms…my words are few, but my heart is full of love and respect for you. May you be reminded that, even though your little one is running around in heaven, no one can take away your motherhood pass. You are probably more ‘mom’ than some of us will ever be. We salute you, fellow mommies, and we will carry you when your feet are too tired from the weight you bear.

May you know you are loved, this mother’s day.

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