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He's growing up - Melissa Swart
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He’s growing up

My little dude started school. “Started school”… those are words I cant believe I’m typing.
Just the other day he was my baby. My little man, who spent so much time in hospital. My little man who had my nerves shot. My little man who felt so fragile and then surprised us all with how strong he was. My little man who I could hold and cuddle, now hé decides when I get to do it.

He has become so independent, so strong and he’s got a powerful, but gentle, personality. He has amazed me in the last year. He has learned so much and continues to soak up every little piece of information he can. He talks like he knows it all and he thinks he’s 3 (just like his sister). He has this tenacity, a look that says “I can do this, just watch me”.
Gone are the days where I sat next to his hospital bed pleading that God would let him live a full life. Now, here he is, living life at 200km a hour.
My prayer answered.

Gone are the days where I sat next to his hospital bed pleading that God would let him live a full life.

I see so much of his dad in him. His heart is pure and his spirit is righteous. He has this mischievous look that makes you laugh and a smile that charms the heck out of any lady that passes by. He experiences his emotions passionately and even though he hasn’t mastered the art of controlling them, I can tell that it is going to be one of his most beautiful characteristics. He is fast and I mean really fast, if he decides to bolt there is no catching him! He is strong and keeps up with all the robust activities Xerésh thinks up. He is smart and I’m, more often than not, surprised by his ability to recall things I didn’t even thought he heard. He is caring and I love seeing his gentle heart in action, especially when he dotes on his sister.
I love seeing these things in him… …he’s so much like his father.
This gives me peace, because I know that any girl would be lucky to have him….one day.


My heart is grateful for the privilege of raising this little dude and my only prayer is that God will be ever present and fill in the blanks where I fail.

Xavier James Swart, you are a wonder. You will conquer everything you do in the name of Jesus. You will be blessed all the days of your life. You will have a full life, filled with more love than your heart can hold. You will stand next to kings and know your worth. i will never wish this time away, but I can’t wait to see the things you will do.
I love you, my little man.

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