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Kid-free Breakaway - Melissa Swart
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Kid-free Breakaway

We had our first kid-free break away in a year and a half. I was super excited and I couldn’t wait to do all the things that I never get to do, because life.
I had all these expectations; sleeping in, doing my hair, spending more time on my make up than just applying what I can at every red light AND going to bed at an irresponsible hour. WHAT. A. LAUGH.

My little savages seemed to have permanently set my internal alarm to sunrise, wether they are up or not or here or not. I woke up every single morning at just past 5:00, because that is usually when baby wakes up demanding a bottle. I tried to go back to sleep, reminding myself that there are no crying babies, but alas, no such luck. There I was staring at the sealing until I finally plucked out my phone and started browsing, much to the dismay of the hubster.
I would finally get up out of pure frustration and go outside. Luckily we were in such a lovely place that going outside to take a deep breath and pull myself towards myself was beautiful. The birds were chirping, the cows were having deep meaningful conversations (or so it seemed) and the air was crisp.

My little savages seemed to have permanently set my internal alarm to sunrise

To my surprise the urge to do my hair disappeared as soon as I held the brush in my hand, so a bun it was, almost everyday from there on out. Spending time on my hair just didn’t seem to be as appealing as it was when I imagined all the time i’d have with no kids around. In fact, I had even less of an urge to do anything with the kids gone than I had rushing through the morning routine with two babies. The whole bun thing helps to look put together all the while knowing I haven’t washed my hair in 5days… yep, gross, I know and I don’t care.


Makeup is always something I try to make time for, because it is a little bit of a creative outlet that gives me my creativity fix, since I’m not on stage much, these days. I normally do the basics in the car, at every red light, so that I don’t look like a complete hot mess dropping Xeresh off at school. Then I get home and I fill in some details so that I have a few pics for my makeup page. Before kids I would spend a good 40min on makeup application and I thought I’d treat myself on this childless-holiday, but it felt like such a chore and I pretty much gave up on the second morning. So, pretty makeup was expectation number 3 to bite the dust…

The staying up late part was easier than expected, because there were no exhausting bath time routines and tired children who seem to lose all self control when the clock strikes 18:00. When 6 o’clock came around I was pouring myself another glass of wine and reveling in the art of doing nothing…Dolce far Niente!

At first I was annoyed and kinda disappointed that I didn’t get to do the things I ‘fantasized’ about (yes, I say ‘fantasized’, because believe me my fantasies are filled with days of doing nothing, lying on a couch…I’m ambitious like that). But as the days went on it was much more fun spending every second in adult conversation and laughing at my clown of a husband, whom I actually had wonderful conversations with, than spending time on the things that seemed important in my BC (before children) days.

So next time you feel like you have to dress up and look fabulous, because there are no kids to use as an excuse for the sweatpants you’ve now worn for the 3rd day in a row, don’t stress yourself out. Put on whatever you want, do your makeup or don’t do your makeup, sleep late or stay up all night, just have a blast and miss your kids at least once a day.

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  • Simon Phillips

    30.03.2017 at 09:25 Reply

    Great piece !

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