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  • Had such fun staying over at Lielas melindabam this weekend!
  • Its a cold misty morning in Cape Town and I
  • Thanks dad for everything you have given and done with
  • Swipte to watch video   This incredible piece was
  • I used to be a musical theatre actress singer and
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MY HOME - Melissa Swart
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Hello, I am Melissa Swart

I am a multitude of things, a mom, a wife, artist, performer, teacher, foodie, movie addict, the list goes on…

….but one thing I hope to be is a women with a legacy.


Women and especially moms


Fiercely honest woman, legit vocalist, motivational speaker, wine lover, mother of two and wifey to a legend.


Trying to inspire women to know that what you do doesn't define who you are.

Bold. Inspirational. Motivational. Unique.

I’ve spoken to so many woman who feel isolated and alone and it saddened me greatly. The journey through life as a woman shouldn’t be a solo one. We should unite, support and love one another despite our differences. I hope that this platform will ignite a culture of solidarity between women of all walks of life.  Real woman uplift each other, they don’t condemn each other.  …I’m especially talking to you ‘sanctimommies’.


What you do for a living, does not define who you are as a person.

True Stories

This platform is for those woman who need to hear that what you do doesn’t define who you are. It is a platform to encourage and inspire, to make you laugh and maybe cry, but above all to be honest about the topics that are easier to keep on the down low. Here we celebrate life in all it’s messy, beautiful, harsh glory.


Celebrating Womanhood (hrs)


Diapers Changed


Pep Talks given


Pizza Slices eaten


I believe in quality and relationship and that is why I have built a relationship with each of these talented people.